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Jaivik Tokri - The Healthy Stop for Organic products

  Opens its Doors to Mumbaites with Andheri Outlet Inaugurated by leading Film Artist- Amit Mistry by Shrutee K/DNS ‘Jaivik Tokri’ as the name implies is  basket full of healthy, organic produce ranging from fresh fruits & vegetables, groceries to other daily amenities. Jaivik Tokri works on a No middleman model where all  products are directly available from the farm to kitchen. It is a humble endeavor to provide the consumer with premium quality organic produce encompassing fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, A2 milk, pulses and rice & flour at an affordable price and most importantly to give the farmers a fair price. This project has been solely initiated to provide the farmers with a right medium to trade their produce directly to the consumer without the hassle of any intermediaries. The founders thus dreamt of a model through which they could serve the organic demands of the consumer at a pocket-friendly budget and also give the farmer what he deserves. According to Mrs. Aani