Beware of Phishing in times of Covid-19: Ajay Data

by Shrutee K/DNS
Data Ingenious Global advises that Emails calling on a sense of urgency, unsolicited advisory, donations or have an alarmist tone should not be hastily acted upon, with this being a decoy to trick people
Got a mail saying Covid-19 is now airborne? Beware. Hackers are in a hyperactive mode to trick people and create misinformation. Data Ingenious Global Limited, a pioneer in IT Services in India with expertise in Internet, Networking, Web Technology, and Software consultancy has called for safeguarding against phishing (cybercrime) in times of disastrous outbreak of Covid-19. The IT major has advised people to ignore emails that call on a sense of urgency, unsolicited advisory, donations or have an alarmist tone should not be hastily acted upon, with this being a decoy to trick people
Founder and CEO of Data Ingenious Global Dr Ajay Data said, “Hackers are going into overdrive during the outbreak of Covid-19 and therefore the most effective way to protect against phishing…

HPCL Opens its 1st Retail Outlet in Bhutan

by Shrutee K/DNS
HPCL’s first Retail outlet in Bhutan has been commissioned on 11th March, 2020 in partnership with State Trading Corporation of Bhutan (STBCL), a Govt. of Bhutan entity.
The outlet was inaugurated by the venerable Latshog Lopen of Bhutan Central Monastic body in the presence of CEO of STBCL, Shri Kuenga Namgay, in a traditional ceremony to the delight of the customers present. The outlet has best of infrastructure facilities including full-automation. The staff deployed at the outlet have been trained at our Skill Development Institute in Visakhapatnam. This is the first of the 22 outlets planned as per the MOU with STBCL at select high potential sites in Bhutan. As per this MOU, HPCL will give technical & brand support to STBCL in setting up and running the outlets apart from supplying products to the outlets.
Commissioning of this Retail Outlet marks HPCL’s presence in Retail Petroleum industry outside country and fuels their aspiration to spread into new geographie…

5 Best ACs Available in India to get Ready for the Summer

by Shrutee K/DNS There was a time when Air Conditioners were considered a luxury, however, thanks to the changing environment and global warming, air conditioners have become a necessity in today's time. While purchasing an air conditioner seems like a perfect idea to get a better time in our homes and to keep ourselves away from the heat this summer, on the other hand, a lot of factor goes into deciding the perfect air conditioner for our home. Choosing the right air conditioner can be frustrating enough to send your temperatures rising. From electricity bills to energy efficiency to a WI-FI connected ACs, a lot of things should be considered in investing the money while purchasing an air conditioner. Here we bring you a list of five best air conditioners available in the market that will help you beat the heat this summer. Have a look: TCL AI Ultra-Inverter Air Conditioner: The top one in the list, are the wide range of TCL AI Ultra-Inverter Air Conditioners. Coming from a reputed…

Grab attractive discounts across MSI's Range of Laptops on Flipkart Big Shopping Day Sale

by Shrutee K/DNS Exclusive deals on Gaming and Content Creation series of laptops from 19th March to 22nd March 2020 New Delhi, March 17, 2019: MSI has partnered with Flipkart to offer attractive discounts to delight its consumers on the upcoming Big Shopping Day Sale. From powerful gaming laptops with latest graphics like Alpha 15 to their impeccable creator series laptops meant for digital creators, Modern 14, customers can avail discounts up to 25% and 28% respectively. As a brand, we are always focusing on the needs of the youth and introducing technology and designs that are appreciated by our consumers. With this partnership, we wish to encourage the passion of budding gamers and the digital community in India by making our products more accessible. We look forward to creating an exceptional experience for our consumers and attach new customers to our existing portfolio, commentedMr. Green Lin, Regional Marketing Manager, MSI. So, if you are a gamer and are always on the look-out fo…


by Shrutee K/DNS A few weeks ago, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. Since pandemics in the past have had devasting effects, governments across the globe have taken immediate action to reduce the spread of this virus, so that the medical infrastructure is not overloaded. The most effective way to reduce the spread and prevent a large number of people from being infected is by shutting down places where a big group of people gathers. Also, the government and other non-governmental organizations continue to educate people about the spread and prevention of this disease and hygiene factors associated with prevention.  Even though the number of cases in India is less than most countries yet, the government has shut down schools, malls, movie theatres, and gymnasiums to reduce the risk of this virus spreading. For many, this is probably the first time they have seen a panic of this magnitude set in. People of Mumbai, who are known for their spirit, ha…

Adrish-A Must Visit Store for Natural Organic Products

by Shrutee K/DNS THE CONCEPT:Adrish, meaning the “Lord of the Mountains” symbolizes nature and the serenity that comes with it. Also, “ADRISH” can also mean “invisibility” which symbolizes the invisibility of waste or in-organic stuffs in our lifestyle.  It is an outcome of a thought to develop and nurture a sense of purpose which is larger, greener and more sustainable. Hence, we are in the process of development of a system which leads our stakeholders to think over and above themselves and thus helping create an attachment to the roots. These systems help our farmers to follow natural and organic farming practices using heir-loom variety of crops, our producers are motivated to follow slow process production practices which retains the essential nutrition in the products manufactured and enlighten our customers to follow a lifestyle which is based on experiences rather than stuffs. The result is a direct-from-source organic supply system with creation of a livelihood for our produce…

Volvo Car India Announced Work from Home as a Safety Measure for its Employees

by Shrutee K/DNS Mumbai, 17th March 2020: Volvo Car India announced work from home as a safety measure for its employees, considering the number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases have risen to over 100 in the past few days across the country. As part of its overall health and safety plan to mitigate risks associated with COVID-19, the company has taken following steps: All employees have been requested to work from home with immediate effect. Necessary IT infrastructure is in place to facilitate business continuity, with scheduled meetings managed via Microsoft Teams/ Skype. Access to the office remains open for any employee who prefers to work from office, after informing respective manager. Enhanced sanitation measures have been taken to ensure hygiene at office premises. All domestic and international travel was suspended as early as February, to limit the exposure of our employees to the virus. In Bangalore, all visits to the site office, unless business critical, are suspended until furt…