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The Bulls dampen the Warrior's homecoming

SPORTS The Bulls dampen the Warrior's homecoming Bengaluru Bulls beat  the  Warriers 30-46 in opening  game at Kolkata It was indeed a warm welcome for the Bengal Warriors, as Kolkata came out in full support of their team's arrival home. With Usha Uthup sending the crowd into a tizzy with her own personal dedication to edge the warriors on; one would have expected them to have had a less nervy start. With the Warriors and the Bulls both starting their campaign with empty raids, Bengaluru did emerge as the stronger team at the start of the first half scoring 4 LONA points at the end of Two and Six minutes. Bengal Warrior's South Korean Jang Kun Lee emerged as the star player for Kolkata being the sole defender remaining twice during the first half, protecting the Warriors territory gallantly and being their strongest raider, tied at two points with his teammate Nitin Madane at the end of the first twenty minutes. For the Bengaluru Bulls, Ajay Thakur emer

Small- & mid-cap funds top honours’ tally - CRISIL Survey

Small- & mid-cap funds top honours’  tally Equities were the toast of the financial markets in the quarter ended June, helped by expectations of a stable government in the lead-up to the general elections and a vindication thereof. The broad market, as represented by the CNX Nifty, gave 13.67% returns in the quarter. Equity funds, as measured by the CRISIL–AMFI Equity Fund Performance Index, also showed an uptrend, helped by positive sentiment in the underlying market. Among general equity funds, the small- and mid-cap category logged the most gains. CRISIL–AMFI Small & Midcap Fund Performance Index, which represents the performance of small and mid-cap funds, appreciated 28.99% during the quarter, significantly higher than the CRISIL–AMFI Large Cap Fund Performance Index (up 18.92%) and CRISIL–AMFI Diversified Equity Fund Performance Index (up 23.95%) (see Table 1). What helped small and mid-cap stocks outperform the broader market? Attractive valuations couple