Shanti Asiatic School celebrates Earth Day – themed ‘Mother Earth’

by Shrutee K

To celebrate Earth day, a special assembly and several activities were conducted in Shanti Asiatic School, Bopal on 22nd April, 2022. It was a day to remind ourselves of our duties as members of this magnificent planet Earth.

In the Special Assembly, the students of Classes V-IX demonstrated support for environmental protection through their vocal and dance performances. There was a live art work performed by one of the art faculties exhibiting the beauty of our planet. A special attraction of the day was poem recitals in different regional languages – seven self-composed poems were recited by students from Classes VII–IX based on the theme ‘Mother Earth’

Director-Principal Mr Abhay Ghosh, shared his thoughts with the students on their involvement with this movement.

Apart from the Assembly, other activities like making a compost pit (by students of classes VII-VIII), an art competition (for Classes V-VIII) and tree plantation (for class IX) were also organised in the school.

Each of these activities highlighted the importance of Earth Day and emphasised the need to make our planet clean and green.


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