Ekakshi Launches its New 'Summer Bloom' Collection

by Shrutee K/DNS

Channeling their creative juices through the rising mercury levels, Enakshi, the young online apparel brand for women, launched their latest “Summer Bloom” collection to douse the searing summer heat. Inspired by the sultry summer hues, the collection has been designed in refreshingly airy fabrics and exquisitely fashionable floral prints.

Armed with the philosophy, ‘One Woman, One Design, One Garment’, this virtual boutique offers only exclusive pieces of garments with no two pieces alike. Each custom-made contemporary-ethnic wear is designed to let every woman revel in their own unique wardrobe and celebrate their individuality. The brand achieves this by empanelling a different set of designers for each new collection, scheduled for launch every 21 days.

The collection comprises of trendy tops, contemporary kurtas, long gowns, classy dresses, sassy coordinates and quirky jumpsuits. The skilled stitching creates breathtaking silhouettes; while the bright, colourful patterns and motifs give rise to enchanting ensembles for every occasion. The intricate artistry and unparalleled craftwork weaved into cotton and linen blends make way for bespoke elegance that is also high on comfort quotient.

Namya Patel, Co-Founder, Enakshi, shared, “At Enakshi, we push our dexterous designers to explore the versatility of Indian fabrics, colours, patterns and motifs. Every new collection of Enakshi, showcases a different amalgamation of patterns and colours to suit the theme of the collection. Our Summer Bloom collection enunciates the regressing summer hues and adds a dose of freshness to your closet, through the usage of bright, bold patterns and colours. Like always, we have tried to blend different forms of traditional Indian weaving and prints with the urban chic fashion to suit every modern woman’s tastes. The Summer Bloom collection comprises of trendy, intricate designs adorned with a splash of summer hues, that are conveniently priced and fit perfectly for every occasion ranging from a fun Sunday brunch to a chic workwear and a classy evening wear.”
Maharsh Shah, Co-Founder, Enakshi, shared, “Fashion in India has witnessed a swift revolution in the industry with the growing popularity of Indian-contemporary blends. Multiple brands and designers have tried creating their mark in this segment through their creative and quirky designs. However, most brands have failed to grasp/address the most important requirement of a modern Indian woman, namely, individuality. At Enakshi, we ensure that while we bring novelty to the table, we also guarantee individuality by upholding our promise of ‘One woman. One garment. One design’.  We launch new collection every 21 days and empanel different designers for each collection to ensure novelty in our designs. We further address the ‘what should I wear’ concern of every modern women by providing a swift delivery service across the country, which allows our customers to experience their outfit within a day’s time.”

About Enakshi
Enakshi is an apparel brand catering to the modern women. The brand offers a virtual boutique for women to explore and discover fashion that is as unique as them. The designs on order have been created by a hand-picked pool of designers shortlisted by Enakshi and then further curated to suit the brand’s style and vision. Enakshi offers only fresh designs and no two designs are alike, which means only one distinctive piece per design. The company aims to serve women shoppers looking for unique clothing styles by providing them designer collections at affordable prices, so that they can define a style that is as unique as them.

The company was launched in March, 2018 and is headquartered in Ahmedabad. Enakshi was conceptualised and created by Nilay Shah, Maharsh Shah and Namya Patel. Two of the Founders are young entrepreneurs, with Maharsh Shah still completing Business School. The early twenties Founders chose to launch from Ahmedabad since it is the hub for fashion designing and also their hometown.

Nilay Shah has been in the women’s ethnic wear business for over two decades, prompting his son, Maharsh to follow his footsteps albeit with a modern twist and propelled by technology. Nilay has dealt with women customers for many years and has seen women’s fashion evolving over the decades. But one question has always remained constant. Customers always ask “Can we get something new and unique? Something very exclusive?”. A quest to answer this question triggered him to work with Maharsh and Namya to conceptualise this business initiative. The young entrepreneurs were tasked with building the brand, sourcing the right kind of garments and strategizing for the future.

The company believes in a philosophy of One Woman, One Design, One Garment. Enakshi aims to offer a unique shopping experience to every customer by offering only a single piece of each garment. Each collection is conceptualized by talented and upcoming designers carefully identified by the company. The company follows the quick refresh and update approach and a new collection is launched every 21 days. Enakshi also promises a quick turnaround time by ensuring dispatch on the very same day so that customers get the garment of their choice sooner than anticipated.


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