NXP Named One of World’s Most Impactful Industrial IoT Companies in 2018

by Shrutee K/DNS 

NXP’s rank in the IoT ONE 500 Industrial IoT Index and its new Industrial Competency Center underscore commitment to pioneer connected ecosystems in the Industry 4.0 revolution.

NUREMBERG, Germany – NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ:NXPI) has been named one of the world’s most impactful Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) companies based on recent research by IoT ONE (iotone.com).
“From end-node to the cloud, NXP provides an unrivaled portfolio for supporting the incredible growth of smart, connected solutions for the IIoT – including microcontrollers, microprocessors, connectivity, analog, sensors and RF technologies,” said Erik Walenza, CEO, IoT ONE. “It is an honor to recognize NXP as one of the top companies influencing and driving growth in the Industrial IoT.” 
NXP’s core focus for the industrial IoT include: security concepts and anomaly detection to ensure the reliability and safety of connected automation equipment; advanced wired connectivity for deterministic data transport, such as, Time Sensitive Networking (TSN); edge computing including machine learning; and secure cloud connectivity involving state of the art cybersecurity concepts and technology.
In addition to ranking #4 on the IoT ONE 500 Top Industrial IoT Index, NXP’s announced it’s new Industrial Competency Center. Based in Hamburg, Germany, the center further strengthens its IIoT commitment by providing a comprehensive industrial system program portfolio with research and collaborative programs that will fuel innovation for the connected manufacturing and industrial processes of tomorrow.
“By driving and enabling leading-edge solutions that will transform industrial companies, NXP is rapidly becoming the partner of choice to help customers tap into their full potential of Industry 4.0,” said Sanjay Gupta, VP & India Country Manager, NXP.
“The IoT ONE 500 Index puts a spotlight on NXP’s ongoing dedication to create a smarter, more connected world, and our new Industrial Competency Center will further accelerate automation and connected ecosystems for the smart industry,” shared Christian Wiebus, Head of NXP’s Industrial Competency Center.
The center’s industrial system program incorporates Human Machine Interface (HMI), edge compute solutions for machine learning and artificial intelligence, and other core technologies required for developing robust IIoT product roadmaps, including TSN and Industrial Linux enablement. The center’s research and collaborative programs are geared towards building and extending NXP’s industrial partner ecosystem of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), integrators, consultants, leading cloud and edge partners, research institutes and standard bodies. Also, the center’s programs are designed to fuel NXP’s strong momentum and its ability to support the strategic direction of NXP customers by anticipating and driving the future of the Industrial IoT.


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