Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hosted the First Strategic ‘Breaking Silos’ Conclave

Reinstates the significance of People, Power and Purpose in Dynamic Times

Powerhouse of eminent speakers across various organizational functions

Mumbai | June 14, 2019: The Bombay Chambers of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), the apex industry body, hosted the first strategic conclave, ‘Breaking Silos: People, Power, and Purpose in Dynamic Times’ in Mumbai, India. The first edition of this innovative Conclave brought together various industry experts, eminent speakers and professionals across functions such as Human Resources, Advertising, Investor Relations, Legal, Marketing, PR, Sales, Sustainability and CSR. 

The Conclave focused on the importance of having ‘One Voice’, within the organization and engage with diverse stakeholders. The day-long Conclave witnessed various interesting sessions and plenary sessions like Critical Conversations & Actions for 'Purpose’ in Challenging Markets, Breaking Silos - Leadership Conversations that Power Brand Value, transforming organizations purpose to cultural movement and New-age technology: Powering the communications ecosystem.

Addressing a session on Critical conversations & actions for ‘Purpose’ in challenging markets - Mr Ambi Parameswaran, Brand Strategist & Founder, Brand said “Bombay Chambers’ seminar on ‘Breaking Silos’ addresses some very valid issues facing companies in this new digital millennial dominant world. Old tools like balanced score card will have married to newer concept like environment safety and governance, moving forward.”

Taking forward the conversation, during a session on Breaking Silos-Leadership conversation that power brand value – Mr Sam Balasara, CMD, Madison World, said  “I think brand creates a lot of value, there is no other activity that is adding more value than this process which takes a product to a brand & also I feel the hardcore financial guys recognize that and therefore FMCG companies which are called brands are recorded in stalk market. Important thing a company can ever rule is the brand. Now the question is how to create a brand cost effectively without breaking the brand.” He also underlined the importance of strategic and integrated communication for enhancing brand value.  

During the conclave Dr. Bhaskar Das, Group President, Republic TV Network shared his insights, “In every organization people have different opinions. Leadership means delivering outcomes from the collective cross category wisdom and efforts to collectively leverage the outcome builds successful brands”

Mr. Unmesh Pawar, Partner and Head- People, Performance and Culture KPMG in India shared his views on changing times and powering the communication ecosystem, “We as individuals are inadequate to fully fathom the complexity of today’s ever-changing times on our own. The most powerful enabler at work thus for us are our colleague, it’s imperative to create a culture of interdependence breaking organizational silos to enrich healthy work relationships.”

There was a global video address by Mr. Scott Goodson, CEO and Founder, Strawberry Frog and Mr. Bob Pickard, Public relations for leaders Toronto, Canada Area Public Relations and Communications. Ms. Rouble Nagi, Artist, Sculpture &Curator, Rouble Nagi Art Foundation expressed her views at the special session of the conclave, “Artist are dreamers and dreams have always expanded our understanding of reality by challenging our boundaries of the real, of the possible. The more you stretch, the greater your capacity.” 

Ms. Roma Balwani, Sr. Advisor, Vedanta & Chief Curator of the Breaking Silos Conclave opines, “Forward looking organizations believe in breaking barriers through authentic and timely communications, and only then will any organization have a unified workforce, which then positively affects the bottom line. When leaders begin to build new bridges and remove organizational silos that have become prevalent over the years, only then they can bring in valuable brand equity, competitive strength and build a common voice that will appeal to all stakeholders.” Indian Oil conclave sponsors, Lit Content Partner, Your Story Bag is the digital story telling partner, Impact Public Relations Pvt. Ltd is the media communication Partners of the conclave, Athena is the Knowledge partner and Soulflower is a Gift partner.

About Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Established in the year 1836, the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a strong legacy and an impeccable lineage of 183 years of continuous service to the trade and industry. While the name ‘Bombay Chamber’ conjures image of an organization representing exclusively a city-based membership, in reality it represents a wide spectrum of highly reputed and professionally run companies, which though based in Mumbai, have manufacturing facilities and commercial influences spread not only in India but internationally. The Bombay Chamber continues to have as its members a large number of companies which have completed well over a century of affiliation.
Under the aegis of Bombay Chamber the Media, Corporate, Communication & Public Relations Committee is presenting the Conclave PEOPLE, POWER & PURPOSE IN DYNAMIC TIMES.


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