Illuminate your skin with Global Beauty Secrets’ Ghrit Aarti Skin Salve

Self-care and the very pleasure of existence must be tended and recognized in your day to day reality. Your skin needs to be protected from the harmful pollutants that harms your skin and leads to dullness. Skin salves are a must have in your beauty cabinets! Skin salve not only moisturises and brightens your skin but also prevents skin ageing. Inspired by the most ancient Indian tradition, Global Beauty Secrets has launched their luxurious and altruistic Ghrit Aarti Skin Salve which holds true to symbols of aradhana. This rich silky emulsion eliminates ratri or dullness from your skin with effective moisturisation.

The Ghrit Aarti Skin Salve is part of the ‘Shringar Ras’ collection by Global Beauty Secrets. The product is inspired by the ancient tradition of lighting aarti for aradhana or glorification of God, as it erodes ratri or darkness from the night and helps us celebrate the divine spirit.  According to Ayurveda, Ghee enhances ‘Ojas’ or life energy. This skin salve melts into a rich buttery experience and is generously blessed with the sattvik ghee and jasmine- tuberose absolute to help you nourish your skin. It illuminates, rejuvenates and freshens up the face, thus lighting up an aarti (dissolving ratri or night) and revealing a divine glow. “Aarti has always been one of the most important rituals in our Indian Culture. Embedding cultures into the products has always been something that I have always been fascinated about. As an ingredient, Ghee (clarified butter) is stocked in every traditional Indian pantry. The many benefits of the clarified butter are already reflected due to its generous usage in the indigenous cuisine and ancient ayurvedic medicine, needless to say it’s a magical elixir. A nectar that adds goodness whenever it is poured. While crafting the skin salve the major challenge was to not make it too heavy and greasy, it had to be lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin’s surface and yet it had to carry the abundant ojas (good energy) of ghee to heal, texturize, illuminate the skin and prevent it from ageing. I couldn’t think of a more symbolic name than the evening ceremony of ‘Ghrit Aarti’ after the vedic ritual in which ghee is added to traditional Indian lamps to erode ratri or dullness. The Ghrit Aarti Skin Salve is a product that radiates the glory and goodness of the rich Indian culture and heritage.” said Aishwarya Swarna Nir, Founder, Global Beauty Secrets LLP

Global Beauty Secrets Ghrit Aarti Skin Salve tones, brightens, heals and hydrates your skin to reveal a dewy glow. By enhancing skin's protective barrier, it helps fend off environmental aggressors while skin repairs itself.

The Ghrit Aarti Skin Salve is priced at INR 3,700.00 
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About Global Beauty Secrets: Global Beauty Secrets (GBS) is a premium Beauty brand for modern-day women. GBS is a celebration of the collective wisdom of women across the world and brings in the beauty rituals from the kitchens and courtyards of women with different cultural legacies. The products are rooted in heritage but are infused with latest scientific heritage. GBS is rooted by three key elements that include – ‘Global, Natural and Woman’ and the same is aesthetically embedded in the brand logo, with ‘Culture’ being the key aspect.  
Global Beauty Secrets caters to three key categories – Body Care, Facial Care and Hair Care. The product basket is inspired from 6 cultures namely Indian, Japanese, Turkish, Egyptian, Aztec and Greek. Each product adheres to the highest standard of quality and authenticity as all the ingredients are sourced from natural origins and the products are recyclable and not tested on animals. Global Beauty Secrets (GBS) is the consumer arm of Aishwarya Healthcare which is the parent company.


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