International Brand Equity felicitated the winners of The Best Brand Awards 2019

by Shrutee K/DNS

International Brand Equity The Best Brand Award 2019 was organized and held on December 13, 2019, at Mumbai. The event was jointly organized by IBE and ICCPL. The PR partner of the event was ICCPL and Marketing Partner was IBE Media. This event was a platform for best brand stakeholders to discuss the future of marketing, branding and trends 2020.
The selection process was based on several crucial factors which are paramount in determining the on-ground brand/individual performance, brand trust, and brand value. Below are a few winners:

 Below is the list of winners in various categories:
Best Residential High Rise Development
Birla Estates
Best Consultant - Residential and Commercial
Evervantage Consulting LLP
Best Affordable Housing Developer
Best IT Park Developers
Meenakshi Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd
Best Consultant/Broker - Residential
360 Realtors LLP
Best Consultancy - Commercial
Best Indian Pizza Brand
Go69 Pizza
Best PR Agency
Best Luxury Developer
Narang Realty
Best Affordable Housing Developer
Poddar Housing and Development
Best Developer of the Year
Mahagun India
Best Innovative Engineering Startup
Valuespaces PVT LTD
Fire Fighting Consulting Brand
m-Fireworld Private Limited
Best Affordable Housing Developement
GOHO - Goyal Housing
Best Innovative Digital Real Estate Portal
The Best FMCG Brand - Food & Beverages
Kanti Sweets
The Best Tech Brand
eBHARAT Poultry Technologies
The Best Education Brand
Target Educare
International Property Consultant Statup
Red Brics Realty
The Best Electronic brand
Real Estate Woman Achiever of the Year
Ms. Juhi Bajaj
Young Marketing Professional of the Year.
Kavaldeep Singh Anand
Best Brand Leader
Sanjeev Arora 360 Realtors LLP
Best Real Estate Brand Marketer
Farhan Khan
Best Real Estate Marketing Agency
Alchemist Marketing and Talent Solutions Pvt Ltd
Satyam Moralia
Best Brand CMO, Poddar Housing


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