5 Tips to Buy Your Solitaire’s this Festive Season

 Aakrosh Sharma SVP - Merchandising & Fulfillment, CaratLane

Buying your first solitaire is like falling in love for the first time: a rush of heady excitement and the knowledge that you will treasure this moment forever. A diamond is, in fact, forever, which makes this first buying experience confusing. Here is some expert advice to clarify your doubts and make buying a pleasure.

Tip No 1: Don’t obsess over the clarity grade: CaratLane introduces its “shimmery world of splendid solitaires” to treasure with love. Go for an SI grade diamond, because minute imperfections are not visible to the naked eye. Look for an ‘eye-clean’ diamond, rather than a ‘flawless’ one and watch it do wonders for your wallet. We give you a world of choices!
Tip No 2: Don’t compromise on the cut. It is important that the cut of your diamond is flawless, because it is these magnificent facts that make a diamond sparkle. Choose a stellar design from our “just-in-time” inventory, which gives you a price-competitive advantage with a scintillating diamond, with an “excellent” or “ideal” cut.

Tip No 3: Decimal points can help you
 People pay premiums for round figures like 1 or 2 carats, while purchasing solitaires. Buy a 0.90 carat diamond in a delightful setting instead and watch the prices fall drastically! Our stellar designs will bring out the best luxe look of your solitaire.

Tip No 4: The heavenly ‘Halo’ effect:
 CaratLane has a range of inspired ‘Halo rings’ where a gorgeous center stone is engirdled with a ring of tinier diamonds. This setting makes the center stone seem bigger and also protects it from damage.

Tip No 5: Choose an unusual shape
The most-preferred solitaire shape is the “Round cut” and it is priced higher. “Cushion cuts” or “Emerald cuts” are very pretty, have facets that shine brilliantly, are trendy and pocket-friendly. Caratlane.com gives you a range that is beautifully-designed and fashionable. Caratlane gives upto 40% savings on solitaire jewellery as compared to other jewellers.


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