Mughda Godse Walked for Horra’s Exclusive Autumn – Winter Collection at Bombay Times Fashion Week

It was another proud moment for Horra during the recent Bombay Times Fashion Week.

Opening the show was Director-Actor Amit Khanna and co-star Ankit Bhatia from the hit web series, “Still About Section 377” in celebration of the recent scrapping of Section 377 by the Supreme Court.  This is part of the brand’s stand to protect equal LGBTQ rights for a better India.

Lovely actress Mughda Godse, showstopper, walked for Horra’s exclusive Autumn – Winter Collection at Bombay Times Fashion Week, which was characterized by youthful, fresh colours and luxurious tones.

The trendy watches and bags that blend fashion and functionality are a great hit with urban youth. Echoing the sentiments of today’s savvy aspirational youth in their campaign “Always Ahead”, each Horra creation, luxuriously crafted in India, met with delight and applause.

Parimal Mehhta, Founder – Horra, says:  “As a brand, we have always stood for the youth. We embody their aspirations and this is showcased in our campaign #AlwaysAhead. We are taking the brand forward with fashion show collaboration with Actor and Director of top rated web series "Still All About Sec. 377" with his co-star Ankit Bhatia. The ideals that their film stands for and their message is something that our brand also strongly believes in." 

About Horra: HORRA” in Spanish means ‘time’. It spells panache, perfection & novelty. The most significant element of vogue, with fresh concepts, classy embellishments, deep textures & vibrant colours, our designs are fabricated to express the verve of fashion. There is a colour for every mood and a style for every occasion! Accentuating the timing for every fashion as well as the beauty of every creation into an elite feeling of divine indulgence, we bring to you an exclusive range of flawlessly styled bags & watches.
Horra redefines the idea of a luxurious experience that is fresh and vibrant yet affordable! Handcrafted with precision, offering the latest trends and vogueish style in each of our products and fabricating fashion that is the perfect combination of style, quality and craftsmanship. Horra brings to you perfection in every piece, ensuring that every accessory is curated to offer you a lavishly designed experience, styled to suit your every mood.  To know more about Horra, Visit:


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